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Portrait Sessions | Why They Are Important!

Family portraits are important because they make it possible to freeze time and capture an entire family at one single moment.  In our technological crazed world, it is sometimes hard to look back at our lives and remember what happened and when.  Having images on your wall of the family at different stages in life is a great way to retain those precious memories.   

Family dynamics will always change and you do not want to miss an opportunity to have beautiful professional family portraits gracing your walls.  The timing may never be perfect but you never know when the opportunity will be to capture the entire family together.

Children leave home, grandparents pass, there are job transfers, marriage and divorce arise - life is unpredictable.  You can have that image on your wall that captures to today's memories.  As time goes on, these images become treasures to us, we are able to lose ourselves in that precise moment and bring back life to those precious memories of the past.  You are able to have a constant presence and reminder of each of the family members you love even if they are miles away.

Getting your family portraits professionally taken is a great way to have the entire family in the picture.  Parents are normally the ones who are focused on the children in the images but with time being so precious, the focus should be on every family member.  

We understand that memories cannot be repeated and we at Cindy Bowman Photography are well equipped to deal with those precious moments in a matter of seconds.  There is no time to waste and wonder why you didn't get your family portraits scheduled.  Avoid "I wish" situations and schedule your session today. 

Give us a call at (817) 936-5442 and let's plan your session today!

Contact me to book your session:

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